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Empowering organisations to protect and enhance our environment.
Whakamana tōpūtanga kia tautāwhi, kia haumako i tō tātau taiao


Our story

Puna Consultants are specialists in Biosecurity and Maori engagement. 

We are more than just a bunch of consultants. This organisation was born out of the need for a Maori led organisation with strong technical expertise to support others to design, develop and implement environmental projects in a way that is respectful of Manawhenua, matauranga Maori and tikanga Maori.

We are experts in developing and implementing bio-security programmes and projects to manage pests and protect taonga species. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge to support organisations to protect and enhance our environment. 

We have experience working for central and local Government, Crown Research Institutes, Research agencies, Iwi, land trusts, land owners, farmers and community groups. 

​​​Underpinning our work is sustainability. We aim to leave the communities we work with the tools, skills and knowledge so that they are able to carry out the work themselves.

If you have an environmental issue, contact us and we will work with you to develop a plan to achieve outcomes


About Us

Māori environmental consultants

Puna Consultants Limited is a Māori owned and operated company that was established to help people from around New Zealand address their environmental issues.

Our team are extremely passionate about protecting our environment, passionate about Te Reo Maaori me oona tikanga and have been privileged to grow up on our whenua. 

We have a team of highly qualified project managers and consultants as well as experienced hunters and trappers.



We focus on 4 areas:

​Biosecurity pest control programmes

Environmental project management

Environmental research 

Community Engagement

If you can't find the service you are looking for, please email us and we will see if we can help.


Pest Monitoring

We can provide baseline, pre and post-control monitoring of your whenua. We work with you to get an understanding of what impacts pests are having on your environment. This helps us develop a pest control programme that suits your needs no matter the landscape, location and pests present and resourcing.

What we can do:

- Baseline monitoring 

- Invasive species surveys and monitoring 

- Thermal monitoring

- Bait stations

- Necropsies 

- Operations Plans

- Tracking tunnels

- Trail cameras

- Chew cards


Biosecurity Projects and Programmes

We work with you to design a pest control programme that suits your needs no matter the landscape, location and pests present and your resourcing. We can discuss the pros and cons of different methods and give indications of costs for each method. Whether its establishing a long term biosecurity programme or a one-off project to manage your pest problems we can help. We have a team to deliver the work or we can guide you on how to do it yourself.

What we can do:

- Trapping

- Hunting 

- Poisons 


Environmental Plans

We run through a series of workshops with land owners, Iwi or other groups interested in establishing long term environmental plans.

What we can do:

- Biosecurity plans

- Environmental restoration plans

- Environmental protections plans

- Policy development

- Strategic planning

- Manawhenua engagement planning

- Biosecurity reporting


Native species protection

We can monitor and design programmes to identify and protect taonga species on your whenua. This includes birds, bats, plants and more.

What we can do:

- Native species identification 

- Native species monitoring

- Native species protection plans 


Maori Engagement

We can support organisations to engage with Maori. This may be engaging with Iwi or land trusts or Maori community groups. We can also support organisations to up-skill in cultural competency.

What we can do:

- Cultural competency workshops

- Maori engagement

- Manawhenua consultation

- Hui-a-iwi presentations

- Iwi workshops



We can lead or assist on research projects, particularly focused on environmental or social research relating to Maori.

What we can do:

- Literature reviews

- Data collection

- One on one interviews

- Surveys

- Workshops

- Research reports


Previous Work


Rotoiti 15 Land Trust Pest Montoring

Puna Consultants undertook pest monitoring for Rotoiti 15 Land Trust and DOC to provide base data of the state of their whenua. Following that Puna Consultants are developing the pest control programme to protect their whenua. Using stationary cameras and chew cards we were able to get a comprehensive indication of pest levels on the Land Block.




"I've hunted all my life with my dad, I love it. There's nothing better than being in the bush, even if you don't get anything. If it was up to me I'd live out there - wife isnt so keen"

Tame Malcolm


"We need to step up and lead change around the world by taking hold of our knowledge, stepping up and fulfilling our responsibilities as kaitiaki of the whenua"

Te Huia Taylor
Project Manager


"A kura kid turned Maaori professional, it's a special feeling to be able to offer services that make a difference. That matters a lot to me".

Kahurangi Malcolm 
Principal Consultant


"I have over 50 years experience working in the engineering game and a lifetime of hunting experience. My job is to make sure the job is done well and everyone gets home to their whanau safe and sound."

Tere Malcolm
Health & Safety Manager



An Inside Look

Pest Free Marae
Pest Free Marae

DOC's predator free arm provided funding to enable marae in Te Arawa to receive traps to do their own pest control.

Possum Trapping
Possum Trapping
Taking pepi to mahi
Taking pepi to mahi

Photo by toroacreative.com

Trail Cameras
Trail Cameras

We places trail cameras through Makatiti Forest to establish baseline data (absence/presence of pests)

Possum Trapping in Horohoro
Possum Trapping in Horohoro

We took a crew through Horohoro forest to trap and monitor possum levels using leg hold traps.

Possum Trapping
Possum Trapping

Teaching possum trapping techniques to our tamariki/taiohi.

Goat Control in Waikato
Goat Control in Waikato

Mustering and culling goats in Waikato.

Possum Trapping
Possum Trapping
Kauri Dieback protection
Kauri Dieback protection

Part of our contract work is implementing biosecurity protocols.

Goat Control in Waikato
Goat Control in Waikato

Mustering and culling goats in Waikato.

Te Arawa Taiohi Toa
Te Arawa Taiohi Toa

Facilitating environmental sessions withTe Arawa Taiohi Toa wananga

Te Arawa Taiohi Toa
Te Arawa Taiohi Toa

Facilitating environmental sessions withTe Arawa Taiohi Toa wananga


Valued Clients

Partnerships and Projects

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